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Aarhus, Denmark

Cruise ship docked at Sydhavnen in Aarhus Port


Aarhus (pronounced Oar-Hoos) is the main city on Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

Where You're Docked

Two piers are currently being used - 404 Containerhavnen (container terminal) for larger ships and 129 Sydhavnen conveniently close to the city center. Free shuttles may be provided to the tented cruise terminal at pier 129 if docked at the container terminal.

Port website with cruise terminal info and schedules here http://www.aarhushavn.dk/en

129 Sydhavnen

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404 Containerhavnen

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Money and Tipping

Denmark's currency is the Danish Krone (DKK). Tourist-friendly shops may take Euros. Credit cards are accepted at a lot of places but most self-serve terminals require chip and pin cards. Ask before trying to use a magnetic swipe card. There may also be a 3% surcharge for using foreign credit cards. In Europe, it is common (but not expected) to round up the bill leaving a small tip (5-10%) when dining at restaurants. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped though passengers typically round up to the nearest 10 DKK.

Local Transportation

Aarhus is relatively compact and easy to get around by foot.


Search hotels in Aarhus here


  • Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum - One of the largest art museums in northern Europe and features modern art
  • Den Gamle By (The Old Town) - An open air museum village with historic Danish buildings
  • Moesgaard Museum - contains the Grauballe Man, a well preserved bog body
  • Viking museum - located in the basement of the Nordea Bank next to the cathedral. Free.
  • Latin Kvarteret (Latin Quarter) - a few blocks north of Aboulevarden, this is a picturesque neighborhood with cobblestone streets and medieval timbered buildings
  • Legoland - approx 60 miles southwest of Aarhus in the town of Billund. This amusement park is the original one in the country of the inventors. http://www.legoland.dk/en/

Shopping & Restaurants

Stroget (Sondergade) is the main pedestrian shopping street running from Central Station at the south end to the cathedral and Store Torv (Large Square). Aboulevarden intersects Stoget and runs along a canal and is lined with cafes and restaurants.

Post Office

The main post office is located at Central Railway Station.



Aarhus Weather Forecast


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