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Busan, South Korea

Nampodong from Busan Tower


Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea and a summer resort known for its beaches. Formally known as Pusan until the government adopted a new romanization of the Korean language in 2000.

Where You're Docked

The cruise terminal is approx three miles southeast of the city centre and a free shuttle is usually provided. The shuttle drops off in the Nampodong area. A previous stop at the Busan Tower may no longer be offered.

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Money and Tipping

South Korea's currency is the Won (KRW). There is usually a mobile bank with currency exchange and an ATM set up on the pier for passengers. Tipping is not customary in Asia.

Local Transportation

The shuttle drop off is on Gudeok Ro (the main street in the area) beside both Starbucks and one of the entrances to Nampodong metro close to both Jagalachi Fish Market and PIFF Square. You can take the metro to head further out. The metro stations are large and very deep doubling as bomb shelters complete with emergency gas masks. Metro fares are 1,300 or 1,500 Won depending on sections traveled for an adult single-use paper ticket. A day pass is 5,000 Won (Apr 2019). Ticket machines only accept coin and 1,000 Won notes but separate change machines will break down larger notes. http://www.humetro.busan.kr/english/main.do

Shuttle stop location in Google Streetview


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Busan is a large city with many districts. Nampodong is the main tourist area and has the following attractions:

  • Yongdusan Park/Busan Tower - Nice views of the Busan on a clear day. Park is free but entry fee required for the tower 8,000 Won (Apr 2019). Head down following the escalator for an easy walk into town.
  • Jagalchi Fish Market - Check out inside and the surrounding outdoor wet market for fresh seafood.
  • PIFF Square - Center of Busan's annual film festival, there are handprints of Asian stars and lots of street food.
  • Gamcheon Culture Village - A colourful village on a steep hillside close to Nampodong. Public transit directions here https://www.koreatodo.com/gamcheong-culture-village

Outside of Nampodong area

  • Take the metro to Beomeosa Temple. You will need to transfer to a bus to complete the journey. There is a hike from here to Geumjeongsanseong Fortress.
  • Haeundae is the main beach in Busan and popular in the summer
  • Haedong Yonggung Temple is located beside the sea
  • Take a tour to Gyeongju, Korea's ancient capital with museums, temples and tombs.

Shopping & Restaurants

The area around Nampodong station and PIFF Square has plenty of restaurants, shops, and markets. Bupyeong (Kkangtong) Market and Gukje Market occupy several blocks north of PIFF Square. Bujeon Market is the largest in the area and a couple of stops away on the subway. For street food, try Hotteok, a deep fried pancake filled with sunflower seeds and sugar.

At a restaurant, try Bibimbap, rice and vegetables and meat served in a very hot stone bowl and topped with a raw egg that cooks in the bowl. A recommended restaurant with English menus is Sanaebap (Junggu-Ro, 2nd floor of the building diagonally across from Artbox in Nampodong). Also try bulgogi which is grilled and sweetly marinated meat. McDonalds offers a Bulgogi burger. Specialties in Busan include Dwaeji Gukbap (pork soup) and Milmyeon (a cold noodle soup).

Korea's largest department, Lotte, has an hourly fountain show in the atrium and a free observation deck on the top floor. There is a food court, restaurants and supermarket in the basement. There is also a Nonghyup supermarket on Gudeok Ro by Jagalchi metro station exit 10.

A couple shops west of the Starbucks in Nampodong is Daiso, a Japanese dollar store chain.

Post Offices

There is a post office a block east of the bottom of the escalators heading up to Busan Tower near the 7-11 on Gwongbokro Fashion Street.


Most coffee shops have wifi for customers as well as McDonalds. You can find a few around PIFF Square.

Maps (right-click to save)

Nampodong Area

Subway Map (Nampodong is line 1 station 111)


Busan Weather Forecast


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