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Cartagena, Columbia

Old Town, Cartagena


Cartagena has a modern skyline though most visitors come here to explore the old colonial walled city.

Where You're Docked

Ships dock at the commercial port about a mile and a half southeast of the old town. Because of the dodgy port area, it is advised to take a taxis and not walk. The official taxi rate to centro is 15,000 pesos though it may be cheaper (7,000 pesos) for taxis outside the gate (2011). Cruise schedule here http://www.apc.es/ Select Society and then Cruises.

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Money and Tipping

Columbia's currency is the Columbian Peso (COP). US dollars are widely accepted.

Local Transportation

The old city is small and walkable. Taxi drivers wait outside the port gate.


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  • Old Town
  • Inquisition Palace
  • Simon Bolivar Square
  • Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • Churches

Been Here Before

Visit Totumo mud volcano about an hour out of Cartagena.

Shopping & Restaurants

There are shops and restaurants in the old town.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi to customers.

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Cartagena Weather Forecast


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