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Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome


Civitavecchia is the port for Rome located approximately 45 miles northwest of the city. It is approximately an hour by train from Rome and an hour by car from the airport.

Where You're Docked

Civitavecchia is a huge port with multiple piers that can accommodate cruise ships. A free shuttle service is usually provided between your ship and Largo della Pace. There are a lot of unofficial Civitavecchia port websites. The official one is here https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en

Port cruise guide for passengers here https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/port-civitavecchia-guide-cruise-passengers

In 2014, the old shuttle stop location (by the fort and McDonalds) had moved to Largo della Pace. The location is on Via Turco and is adjacent to the Europcar rental office (marked on the Google map below). There is a tourist info booth here. You can walk the 1 mile (20 minutes) to the train station (stazione), or take the Port Mobility shuttle bus to the fort and walk from there. Information with shuttle schedule in English at the official website - http://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/civitavecchia-train-station Some more shuttle information here http://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/shuttles

View of Cruise Ships from the Fort

Shuttle Stop in Google Streetview

Official Port Map

Civitavechhia Port Map

Google map link - https://goo.gl/maps/zT9d8

Money and Tipping

Italy's currency is the Euro (EUR). In Europe, it is common to leave a small tip (5-10%) at restaurants. Taxi drivers do not need to be tipped.

Local Transportation

Prices updated July 2022
The best way to get from Civitavecchia to Rome is to take the train with the journey taking just over an hour.

  • In Civitavecchia, to walk to the train station from Largo della Pace, head south keeping the water to your right or take a shuttle to the fort to save a bit of time. If walking all the way, passing the fort is your halfway mark. The station will be on your left after approx a mile (1.4km, 20 minute walk).
  • Check the schedules posted in the stations. There is usually reduced service on Sunday.
  • Buy a BIRG ticket (€12 for 5 zone ticket). This is an all day pass good for both the train (not valid on IC express trains) and metro in Rome. A one way fare is approx €6 and double the price for express trains. BIRG tickets only need to be validated once on first use. The ticket can be purchased from the cafe, newsstand, or adjacent travel agency if there is a long line up at the ticket window.
  • The platform for Civitavecchia bound trains at Termini station in Rome is quite far from the main entrance so give yourself plenty of time to get there.
  • Remember to validate bus and train tickets at the machines onboard buses or on train platforms since tickets are valid for any train.
  • Be aware of pickpockets on the train and metro and in crowded areas like the Spanish Steps.
  • Rome's metro has limited stations and lines in the city center. Line C opened in 2014 but won't be useful for tourists until it extends into the city by 2023 at the earliest.

Within Rome, a self-guided walking tour combined with the metro is the best way to see the sights. The metro can only get you to the Colosseum (Colosseo), Spanish Steps (Spagna) and a couple of blocks away from St Peters (Ottaviano). Within the city center, you can also board compact electric buses which is included if you bought a BIRG ticket. See the maps section for a route map for the 116, 117 and 119 routes.

If you didn't buy a BIRG ticket, single trip tickets in Rome are €1.50 (B.I.T.) and valid for 100 minutes on buses, metro or trams. Day passes (B.I.G.) are available for €7 and there is a 3-day ticket for €18. Tickets can be bought at newsstands displaying a "T" or ticket machines. For buses and trams, tickets need to be validated onboard.

On Your Own Tours to Rome have been known to drop off near St Peters Square or the Colosseum.

To/From the Airport

Rome is served by Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport (FCO) approx 22 miles southwest of Rome. There is a train station here where you can take the Leonardo Express train to Termini, Rome's main railway station for €14 (30 min journey). Non-express trains are €8. You will need to transfer at Termini to continue to Civitavecchia or transfer at Trastevere if taking non-express trains. Fixed fare taxi rates to Civitavecchia are €125 and €47 to Ostiense Station in Rome (July 2022). http://www.adr.it


Search hotels in Rome here
Search hotels in Civitavecchia here

Must See Sights

In the height of summer, the main sights in Rome may have long lineups. See the Day in Rome section for a sample itinerary. Also consider buying a Roma Pass if planning to visit many attractions.

  • St Peter's Basilica and Square - One of the grandest churches in the world. Free entry but you need to line up to go through security. Knees and shoulders need to be covered. There is a fee if you want to visit the crypt, dome or treasury. For the dome, an elevator can take you to the roof saving some climbing. When you exit the church, look for the Vatican post office on your right.
  • Vatican Museum - Contains the Vatican's extensive collection of art along with the Sistine Chapel.
  • Colosseum - Reconstructed at various periods, this ancient stadium is still an architectural masterpiece. Beware getting your picture with the gladiator guys outside since they expect a large tip. Entry ticket is good for two days and cover Palantine Hill and the Forum. Ticket lines may be shorter at these locations. https://www.coopculture.it/en/
  • Pantheon - This converted pagan temple has a large dome with oculus in the middle. Free.
  • Forum - The ruins of ancient Rome have little signage and may be better appreciated with a guide. Entry on the south side by the Colosseum though you can peer through the gate for free.
  • Trevi Fountain - this magnificent fountain is lit up in the evening. Throw a coin over your shoulder to guarantee that you will be back in Rome.
  • Spanish Steps - This popular meeting place is also popular with pickpockets.
  • Altare della Patria - This monument to the first king of unified Italy has an observation deck on the roof accessible from the back. Take a peek at Insula Romana, an ancient Roman apartment block locate by the west (right) side of the monument.

Shopping & Restaurants

In Civitavecchia, there is a Carrefour Express supermarket on Via Leopoli at Via Roma and a Todis supermarket two blocks away on Viale Giacomo Matteotti northeast of the roundabout. The city's central market is nearby (closed Sunday). Locations are marked on the google map in the maps section. If driving from Rome, there is a large Co-op supermarket on the southern end of town. Before taking your shuttle, grab a gelato from the shop across from McDonalds but make sure you finish it before boarding.

In Rome, there are two supermarkets in Termini Station. Conad is on the track 1 side and Despar is under track 29. Be wary of cover charges and surcharges for sitting in restaurants and cafes. There may be an additional surcharge for sitting outside vs inside. In popular cafes, you will see locals standing and drinking by the counter. Set menus at restaurants tend to be the best deals.

Try suppli, a Roman version of a deep fried rice ball with melted mozarella eaten as a snack or appetizer. Recommended places include I Suppli or Supplizio.

Post Offices

In Civitavecchia, there is a post office about two blocks west of the train station on via Giardano Bruno. In Rome, you can buy stamps at tobacco shops but if you need a post office, there is one at Via Giovanni Giolitti, 14, on the south side of Termini Station. The Vatican has it's own post office on the southwest side of the St Peters Square (to the left if facing the Basilica).


Free wifi was introduced to the Civitavecchia downtown area Dec 2012. Search for the network "CIVITAVECCHIA WiFi". Cafes and restaurants by the fort in Civitavecchia and along the water may provide free wifi for customers. McDonalds, cafes and restaurants are generally good places to look for wifi.

Day in Rome

If you want to enter churches such as St Peters Basilica, you need to have knees and shoulders covered. Be wary of begging gypsies asking if you speak English and pickpockets in crowded places and on the metro. Beggars also hang out at church entrances. Most churches do not charge for entry.

With your BIRG ticket, you can ride the metro in Rome as well. From Termini train station head off to either the Vatican or Colosseum. You probably don't have time to enter both so you may need to pick one. If it is busy, you may not have time to go to either sites. The Colosseum is reached from Colosseo metro and the Vatican from Ottaviano metro. At the Colosseum, be wary getting your picture taken with a gladiator since they want money for this service. From the Colosseum metro, take a quick detour to San Pietro in Vincoli church to see Michaelangelo's Moses statue. You can then walk through the forum towards the Vittorio Monument. Walking through the Forum requires an entry fee and the only entrance is on the Colisseum side. If you don't want to pay for entry, just walk along the fence and peer in for free. From Vittorio, walk north towards Via Del Corso to Trevi Fountain and throw a coin backwards over your shoulder to ensure you'll be back in Rome. Take a short detour over to the Spanish Steps nearby before continuing west to the Pantheon. Have a quick look inside and continue west to Piazza Navona. Admire the fountains before heading northwest toward Castel St Angelo. Next, head west to St Peter's Square where you'll have to queue to visit the basilica. It is free but you need to go through a security check so the line moves quickly. Make sure your knees and shoulders are covered or you might not get in. In the basilica, make sure you don't miss Michaelangelo's Pieta on the right side and you can also pay to get to the top of the dome. Metro station Ottaviano is nearby to take you back to the main train station. If you want to send a postcard from the Vatican, the post office is on the southwest side of the piazza (on your right when you exit the basilica).

Daytrips from Rome

Visit the roman ruins at Ostia Antica easily reachable from Rome and close to the airport. http://www.roninrome.com/sites-and-attractions/day-trip-from-rome-ostia-antica

Been Here Before

Towns close to Civitavecchia include Tarquinia with its Estruscan Tombs nearby and Orvieto which is perched on a cliff but a bit further out.

Maps (right-click to save)


Rome Map

Rome Electric Bus Routes

Rome Electric Bus Route Map

Rome Metro Map

Rome Metro Map


Civitavecchia Map

Civitavecchia with supermarkets and bus locations marked


Civitavecchia Weather Forecast

Weather and climate for Rome http://www.turismoroma.it/about-rome/clima?lang=en

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