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Colon, Panama

Colon 2000


Colon is an industrial city by the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal making it a popular stop for cruise ships doing either a partial or full transit of the canal.

Where You're Docked

Two piers are used for cruise ships, Colon 2000 and Cristobal. Colon 2000 is the primary pier and has a good sized shopping center with shops, restaurants, hotels, casinos and a 24 hour supermarket with cheap liquor.

Colon 2000

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Money and Tipping

Though Panama's official currency is the Balboa, you may only see Balboan coins since US dollars are mostly used here. The Balboa is 1 to 1 with the US dollar. Coins may be mixed US and Balboa so ask for your change in US unless you want a souvenir. Servers expect a 10% tip in restaurants for good service. Taxi drivers don't need to be tipped unless you have hired one out for the day.

Local Transportation

Due to a high crime rate and not much to see in Colon itself, it is advised not to leave the cruise terminal area unless taking a registered taxi or tour.


Search hotels in Colon here


  • Gatun Locks - These locks are 5 miles away from Colon with an observation platform. There are a double set of locks here and you are more likely to see ships going through the locks here than at Miraflores. Be careful of the mules running along the canal. Entry fee $5.
  • Miraflores Locks - Closer to Panama city on the Pacific end of the canal. There is a large visitor center here. Entry fee $8 (Dec 2011)
  • Panama City - Only 50 miles away. Take a tour or taxi if you'd like to visit.

Shopping & Restaurants

Both cruise terminals have lots of shopping opportunities.


Cafes and restaurants at restaurants may have free WiFi.

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