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The Rock


Gibraltar is a British territory on the bottom tip of Spain guarding the entrance to the Mediterranean.

Where You're Docked

The cruise ship pier is on the northwestern part of the territory. It is a short walk to Casemates Square which leads to Main Street. Shuttles may be provided. Cruise schedule here https://www.gibraltarport.com/schedules

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Money and Tipping

Gibraltar's currency is the British Pound (GBP) but Gibraltar's banks issue their own notes and coins. English Sterling currency is accepted everywhere and tends to be mixed in with the local currency. When making a purchase in cash, ask for the change in Sterling since it is very difficult to exchange Gibraltar currency outside of the territory. ATM's will dispense either Sterling Pounds or Gibraltar Pounds. You may want to hold onto a Gibraltar 5p coin as a souvenir since it has a monkey on it. Euros are also widely accepted. Banks should exchange Gibraltar Pounds to Sterling for no charge.

Local Transportation

Public buses are an easy way to get around this small region. Take Route 2 from Line Wall Road south of Casemates Square if you want to head out to Europa Point, the bottom tip of Gibraltar. Fares are 1.80GBP or 2.40EUR one way or 2.50GBP or 3.30EUR for a daypass (May 2019).


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Must See Sights

Travel up the rock to see the views and the Barbary Apes.

Option 1 - Walk to Casemates Square and along Main St to the cable car. If you want to see St Michael Caves and the Great Siege Tunnels, it is a long walk to these two sites which are on opposite ends of the rock. With the cable car stop in the middle, it's not too practical. It is advised not to pay extra for the combo ticket and to just buy a cable car ticket only.

Option 2 - Take a taxi-tour. Taxis will line up outside the port gates and will offer tours to the caves, apes den and tunnels. It is a good deal since the price includes the entry fees to these sites. You can then spend the rest of day wandering around town and take a bus out to Europa Point if your tour did not stop there. Prices are between £18-25 (Euros accepted as well). http://www.gibtaxi.com

Option 3 - Take a long hike. If you like hiking, you can either start by taking bus 2 or 7 to Old Casino (tell the driver you want to go to Jews Gate) or walk there. From Jews Gate, buy the Nature Reserve ticket which includes entry to St Michael's Cave, and the Great Siege Tunnel. Ask for directions when buying your ticket and follow the signs for the Mediterranean Steps. This trail will lead you down and then back up the rock on the southeast side. When you get to the top, you can walk all the way across stopping at the caves, apes den and finally the Siege Tunnels. Head down towards town passing the Moorish castle to get back into town.

In 2016, the Windsor Suspension Bridge opened to the public. It is free to cross and located south of the Apes Den.

Shopping & Restaurants

British chain stores and local shops can be found on Main Street.

Gibraltar's favourite meal is fish and chips and there are many restaurants and pubs serving this meal. Roy's Cod Place (2 locations, one in Casemates Square) comes recommended.

There is a Morrison's supermarket with a small cafeteria beside the McDonald's across the harbor facing the cruise ship pier.

Post Office

Gibraltar's main post office is at 104 Main St. Closed Sundays.


Check out cafes and restaurants for wifi.

Been Here Before

Cross the border and check out Spain.

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