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Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland

Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Buchanan Street, Glasgow


Greenock is a port city close to Glasgow.

Where You're Docked

Ships dock at Ocean Terminal beside the town center. There is a tented cruise terminal here with souvenir stalls, internet, and tourist information. On Your Own Tours may drop off and pick up by George Square in the city center.

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Money and Tipping

Scotland's currency is the British Pound (GBP) though Scottish banks issue their own notes at a 1:1 rate. English Sterling notes are usually mixed with Scottish notes. Ask for change in Sterling notes since they will be easier to change outside of Scotland. Banks should exchange with no commission. A small tip (5-10%) is appreciated when dining in restaurants.

Local Transportation

You can take a train from Greenock to Glasgow. There are two train stations both 1km away from the pier but Greenock West may be easier to get to. From Blackhall St going to Oak Mall, turn right at the mall entrance and keep going in that direction along Inverkip St. For Greenock Central, walk straight through the mall and out the other side. Proceed along Cathcart St and take at right at Station Ave. You can take a taxi to the station to save some time and walking. Trains to Glasgow are frequent and leave approximately every 20 minutes. Fare is £7-13 return depending on departure time and the journey takes 25-45 minutes. Get off at Glasgow Central station. Coming back, take the train to Gourock. You can also take a bus from the terminal beside Greenock West. http://www.scotrail.co.uk/

In Glasgow, there are multiple bus companies and a small subway with a single circular line. Subway fare is £1.75 one way or £4.20 for a day pass (July 2022). http://www.spt.co.uk


Search hotels in Greenock here
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Other than some nice hikes and walks and convenient shopping, there's not much keeping you in Greenock. Sights in Glasgow include

  • George Square - Glasgow's central square surrounded by historic buildings.
  • Riverfront - This area has the Glasgow Science Center, armadillo shaped Clyde Auditorium, and Clyde Arc bridge. Subway Cessnock.
  • Glasgow Cathedral - This church was built in the late 12th century and is approx 600m NE of George Square. St Mungo Museum of Religious Art and Life is next door.
  • Kelvingrove Museum - Contains both art and artifacts. Subway from Buchanan St to Kelvinhall and 300m walk east. Free entry.
  • Burrell Museum - For art lovers, this museum is further out and you will need to take a train to Pollokshaws West station. http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums

Shopping & Restaurants

Oak Mall is close to the cruise terminal with pound stores and standard British chain stores. Next door is a large Tesco supermarket. You will find shops and restaurants on West Blackhall street walking from the cruise terminal to the mall.

In Glasgow, the main shopping streets Sauciehall, Buchanan and Argyle form a large Z. Large malls can be found at the corners of the Z - Buchanan Galleries at the top with a Sainsbury's supermarket and St Enoch Shopping Center at the bottom.

Try a freshly baked sausage roll from Gregg's. There is one in Oak Mall and one on Blackhall St in Greenock. There are several in Glasgow including one in the SW corner of George Square and another on Buchanan St by the subway station stop.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi for customers. In Glasgow, there is an Apple Store on Buchanan St where you can use the internet.


Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow Map

PDF city map here - http://www.glasgowguide.co.uk/GCM%20print%20maps/GCM_A4_April2006.pdf


Greenock Weather Forecast

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