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Tumon Bay, Guam


Guam is a US territory in the Pacific and home to a large US naval base. It is primarily a tourist resort targeted to the Japanese market so you'll find a lot of luxury goods stores, signs in Japanese, and Japanese restaurants.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at the port in Apra Harbour 2 miles west of the capital Hagatna. The main tourist and hotel zone, Tumon, is a further 1 1/2 miles to the east. A shuttle may be provided to the hotel zone in Tumon.

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Money and Tipping

The US dollar (USD) is the official currency here. If service charge is NOT added to your bill, tip 15-20% for good service at restaurants and for taxis.

Local Transportation

Guam has a very infrequent local bus service but there are shopping buses and trolleys to get you around. The trolleys run to the main malls for $3 per trip or $10 day pass. There is also a route that goes to Two Lovers Point.


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  • Hagatna - has many historic buildings dating from the time of Spanish rule
  • Two Lovers Point - A park with a viewpoint at the top of a high cliff with views of Tumon
  • War in the Pacific National Park - spread over several sites. http://www.nps.gov/wapa

Shopping & Restaurants

Shopping is a popular activity since items are duty free and incur no sales tax. Most of the major duty-free outlets are located in Tumon. Malls include Micronesia Mall (Macy's, Payless Shoes), JP Superstore (souvenirs, McDonalds), Plaza Mall (Hard Rock, Gap), DFS Galleria (Planet Hollywood, luxury retailers), Tumon Sands Plaza (luxury retailers) and Guam Premier Outlets (Ross, Aijsen Ramen). You will find ABC stores here which you should be familiar with if you've been to Hawaii. There is no Walmart but there is a large Kmart.

Most restaurants are either American chains or Japanese. Try Fujiichiban Ramen across from Acanta Mall in Tumon for authentic, inexpensive noodle soup.


Green Lizard bar (by the sling shot) has free wifi for customers in Tumon. Check out other cafes and restaurants as well.

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War in the Pacific National Park


Guam Weather Forecast


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