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Icy Strait Point (Hoonah), Alaska

Old Cannery Buildings, Icy Strait


Icy Strait Point is an old cannery building converted into a tourist attraction for cruise visitors. It is near the town of Hoonah. Website http://icystraitpoint.com/

Where You're Docked

In 2016, a new floating pier was installed directly west of the cannery buildings.

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Money and Tipping

When dining in restaurants, it is customary to leave 15-20% tip for good service since servers typically make minimum wage. Taxi drivers should be tipped the same rate.

Local Transportation

A shuttle bus service is offered to the town of Hoonah over a mile to the southeast but there really isn't much there to see there. You can also walk to Hoonah following the path by the water.


Icy Strait Point has trails to wander and displays inside the cannery. They also provide tours in the area. Icy Strait boasts about having one of the longest ZipRider rides in the world.

Shopping & Restaurants

There are shops and restaurants inside the cannery building and in the town of Hoonah.

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Hoonah Weather Forecast


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