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Juneau, Alaska

Downtown Juneau
Downtown Juneau


Juneau is the state capital of Alaska.

Where You're Docked

Juneau is Alaska's busiest cruise port and ships dock at multiple berths near the city center. Some ships may need to anchor and tender due to berths being occupied. There is a tender pier just north of Alaska Steam Ship Dock (AS). If you are lucky, this dock is also the closest to town and next to the public library. The adjacent Cruise Ship Terminal Dock (CT) is beside the Mt Roberts tramway station. AJ Dock (AJD) is the furthest south (1 mile - 25min walk around the fuel depot) and a shuttle is usually provided to the tramway station for a small fee ($5 all day, 2022). Cruise schedule for all Alaskan ports here http://claalaska.com/

Alaska Steam Dock (AS) and Cruise Ship Terminal Dock (CT)

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Franklin St (FKL) and AJ Dock (AJD)

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Detailed view of cruise piers from map below

Money and Tipping

When dining in restaurants, it is customary to leave 15-20% tip for good service since servers typically make minimum wage. Taxi drivers should be tipped the same rate.

Local Transportation

The touristy part of town by the cruise ships is very easy to get around by walking. You can take a local bus to get to other parts of town. The main bus stop is on Main St. Capital transit website here https://juneaucapitaltransit.org/


Search hotels in Juneau here


  • Mt Roberts Tramway - Take the tram up Mt Roberts for views of the city but you can also hike up and take the tram down. There may still be snow up here early in the season. Tramway ticket $45 (2022 valid all day). http://goldbeltram.com/
  • Mendenhall Glacier - Many private companies offer shuttle services to the visitor center (booths by the tramway) or you can take a bus but you will need to walk a bit more. Daypass required with a fee of $5 (2022). http://mendenhallglacier.net/


Preserverance Trail - a fairly easy hike through a valley with lots of waterfalls along the way. Head uphill on Basin Rd to find the trailhead. Info and map here https://www.americantrails.org/resources/perseverance-national-recreation-trail-juneau-alaska

Mount Roberts - Instead of the tram, you can also hike up. The trailhead is at the north end of 6th St. There are a few more trails once you reach the top tram station.

Shopping & Restaurants

You will find shops, pubs and restaurants along Franklin St. Shuttles may be provided to take you to Walmart, Fred Meyer and Costco. There is an Foodland IGA supermarket downtown on West Willoughby Avenue. Roma at Hangar on the Wharf has excellent pizza. A favorite for Filipino crew members for bbq pork skewers and lumpia (spring rolls) is Bernadette's with a food cart at the corner Front St and Seward St and a small cafe nearby at 225 Front St. Red Dog Saloon is popular with cruisers.

Post Office

There is a post office inside Mt Juneau Trading Post at the corner of Franklin and Front St (closed Sundays).


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi for customers. The public library and the Viking Pub have free wifi.

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Juneau Weather Forecast

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