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Katakolon (Olympia), Greece

Katakolon Harbor
Katakolon Harbor


Katakolon is the port for Olympia, the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games. Katakalon is very small with only one main street. Olympia is approximately 20 miles to the east.

Where You're Docked

You will be docked at a long pier right beside the town of Katakolon.

Money and Tipping

Greece's currency is the Euro (EUR). In Europe, it is common to round up the bill to leave a small tip (5-10%).

Local Transportation

There is infrequent train service to Olympia which may be disrupted by strikes. The train station is a small building by the tracks just past the edge of town. Several private tour companies runs buses to Olympia for €10 return (May 2019). Prebook here http://www.geo-travel.gr/ or http://www.katakolon-express.com/

Train schedules posted here https://www.katakolon.org/katakolon-train/ You should check the station for updates since there may be additional service when a cruise ship is docked.


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Must See Sights

The whole reason for stopping in Katakolon is for the passengers to visit Olympia. Olympia has a small town, the ancient site and a couple of museums. Make sure you visit the small but impressive archaelogical museum. Admission to the site and museum is €9 or €6 individually (Apr 2014). http://odysseus.culture.gr/

Shopping & Restaurants

Along the harbour in Katakolon are restaurants, coffee shops and bars. There is a duty free store on the pier that sells inexpensive bottled water. There are two small grocery stores on the main street.

Post Office

There is a post office (Hellinic Post) on the main street in Katakolon.


Most of the bars and coffee shops in Katakolon along the harbor offer free wifi for customers.

Been Here Before

There is a small beach to the left of the pier if you to just want to hang out.





Katakolon Weather Forecast


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