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Kusadasi, Turkey



Kusadasi is the gateway to the ancient city of Ephesus but also a holiday resort favored by the Brits.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock right in town at Scala Nuovo. The cruise terminal house many shops and restaurants. The markets are directly outside the pier.

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Money and Tipping

Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira (TRY) abbreviated TL unofficially. Euros may be accepted at touristy places. A small tip at restaurants is appreciated. Currency exchange and ATM's can be found on the main street in front of the cruise terminal.

Local Transportation

You can take the Dolmus/minibus (fares approx 5-10 TL depending on distance, local currency only, 2011) or taxi to Ephesus which is approximately 15 miles away. Taking the minibus requires two separate buses. Grab one heading back from Ladies Beach (it will be heading to your left so cross the street) or walk to the Dolmus station (15-20 min). You can get a map and directions from the tourist info office across the street. At the terminus, catch a second one to Ephesus/Selcuk. The route passes a road leading to the lower entrance for Ephesus and you will need to walk or take a short taxi trip to get to get to the gate. It may be better to have the taxi take you to the upper entrance instead.


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Must See Sights

Ephesus Archaeological Site - a definite must see sight. Entrance fee is 20TL (credit card or TL only) and an extra 15TL (local currency only) to visit the Terrace Houses (recommended). There are two entrances. If you enter from the lower entrance, you will have to walk uphill. Tours typically start at the upper entrance and will pick you up at the lower one.

Shopping & Restaurants

The area around the cruise terminal is one big pedestrian only bazaar. There is a Tansas supermarket on the same street as McDonalds. Many places serve English breakfast.

Post Office

The main post office should be easy to find. Look for the PTT sign just opposite of Club Caravanserai Hotel a block from the cruise terminal heading into town.


Restaurants and cafes in the terminal have free WiFi. There is an internet cafe by the parking lot inside the terminal.

Been Here Before

You can take a minibus to Ladies Beach, they pass right in front of the cruise terminal but you will need local money.



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