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Melbourne, Australia

Central Business District, Melbourne


Sports-loving Melbourne is Australia's second largest city and the capital of the state of Victoria.


Travellers to Australia (other than those from New Zealand) need to apply for either an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or eVisitor for European visitors which is linked to your passport. http://www.eta.immi.gov.au/ or http://www.easyeta.com for discounted ETAs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Australia

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at Station Pier in Port Melbourne sharing the busy pier with ferries to Tasmania. It is 2.5 miles southwest of the Central Business District (CBD). There is a tram stop close by.

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Money and Tipping

Australia's currency is the Australian dollar (AUD). Bills are plastic with coins for $2 and under. Australia has eliminated the penny and cash transactions are rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. Taxes are inclusive on sticker prices of items and tipping is not common. Money exchange can be done at any bank. When changing money, make sure you get a good rate and don't pay commission. ATM's are readily available. Tipping is not customary in Australia.

Local Transportation

Melbourne's extensive tram network, Yarra, takes you almost anywhere you want to go. Transit riders must use a contactless, prepaid card named Myki (pronounced my-key). With Myki, you need to purchase a card for $6 and then top it up. A two hour zone 1+2 ticket costs $4.40 capping at $8.80 daily ($6.40 cap on weekends and holidays, Aug 2019). You can also buy an Explorer Pack for $15 which includes $9 stored value (enough for the daily cap) and with a bonus of discounts at local attractions. The Explorer Pack is only sold in certain locations. Tapping off is not required on trams. Melbourne has decided not to offer short term tickets with this new system making it expensive for both visitors and infrequent users. Refunds on unused balances require a form and are only issued by a check in the mail. There is no refund on the card itself.

For cruise passengers, Myki can be purchased at the Beacon Cove IGA supermarket beside the Port Melbourne tram stop across from Station Pier. Visitor Packs may be available at a counter setup inside the cruise terminal. The 109 is the only route at Station Pier and takes you into the CBD. Take the 109 back from Collins St heading to Port Melbourne.

A taxi from Station Pier to Federation Square should cost approx $16. It should be cheaper for a couple to take a taxi than buying two Myki cards, and even less if they can share a ride.

Ride-hailing apps Uber, Lyft, Ola and Didi operate in Melbourne though pickups at the airport are banned.

As of Jan 1 2015, trams in the CBD are free. http://ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/zones/

Getting to/from the Airport

Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport is 12 miles northwest of the Melbourne CBD. To take public transit to the pier, take the Skybus to the CBD ($18.75, one way, online discounted, Aug 2019) which drops you off by Southern Cross station. Walk a block south down Spencer St to Collins to take the 109 tram to the port. http://www.skybus.com.au/

Taxis should cost between $45-$50 to get to the CBD and a bit more to get to Port Melbourne.


Search hotels in Melbourne here


  • Flinders Station - this old train station is a cultural icon of Melbourne
  • Federation Square - the city's central square. There is a tourist information office here.
  • Eureka Tower - Has an observation level and bee statues crawling on the outside. Located in Southbank. Entry $25 (Aug 2019, discount for online purchase). http://www.eurekaskydeck.com.au/
  • St Kilda Beach - popular with backpackers and home to an amusement park, Luna Park. It is an hour long walk along the beach to Port Melbourne or you can take bus 606 from Bridge St.

Shopping & Restaurants

Melbourne's main pedestrian street is Bourke St Mall with shopping centers and chain stores. For souvenirs, head to the large covered Queen Victoria market at the north end of Queen St. Head to Chinatown, centered around Little Bourke and Russell St, for authentic Chinese food and Yum Cha. Flinders Lane, parallel to Swanston St and across from Flinders station, contains hidden restaurants and cafes.

Hot-Star - This fried chicken cutlet chain has expanded from it's night market roots in Taipei to two stores in the CBD at 231 Swanston and 429 Elizabeth St.

Oporto - considered a fast food version of Nando's. Serves portuguese-style grilled chicken in burgers. CBD location on Latrobe St.

Port Melbourne's main street, Bay St, is a couple blocks east of the pier. It has a few supermarkets including a Coles, and cafes.

Post Offices

There are several post offices in the CBD including one at 246 Flinders Lane a block north of Flinders station. In Port Melbourne, the post office is at 204 Bay St. Offices are typically closed weekends.


The Beacon Cove Food Store and Cafe by the pier has free wifi for customers.

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Melbourne CBD

Port Melbourne

Free Tram Zone Map

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Melbourne Weather Forecast


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