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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Harbor
Mykonos Harbor


Mykonos is known for sun, sand and nightlife.

Where You're Docked

New Port has a cruise ship pier about a mile north of Mykonos town in Tourlos close to Agios Stefanos beach. Shuttles may be provided to take you to Old Port at the north end of Mykonos town which is the main ferry terminal. You can walk into town from New Port but the road is narrow and without sidewalks. A water bus service may also operate between the cruise pier and Mykonos Town for approx €2 per person.

Ships may also drop anchor and tender directly into town (Delos ferry piers or adjacent) or to New Port.

Cruise Ship Docked in Mykonos

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Money and Tipping

Greece's currency is the Euro (EUR). In Europe, it is common to leave the coin change (5-10%) as a small tip when dining in restaturants. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped. There are banks and ATMs in town.

Local Transportation

Buses leave from two different terminals to the island's beaches. The main terminal is up the hill from the windmills. Schedules are posted by the stops. Buses do not run off-season when beaches are closed. A sample fare is €1.60 to Paradise Beach (Jan 2012) http://www.mykonosbus.com/index.en.html


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Must See Sights

  • Windmills - These five windmills are the symbol of Mykonos.
  • Little Venice - This area has a high concentration of restaurants and bars.
  • Paradise Beach - Easy to get to by bus, it has a reputation as a party beach with many bars and restaurants
  • Delos - A must see for fans of archaeology. Tours by ferry are sold and leave by the main harbour.

Shopping & Restaurants

There are a lot of touristy shops and boutiques in Mykonos Town. Restaurants are clustered around the harbor and Little Venice. Though you may get a little lost in the maze of streets in town, as long as you don't go uphill, you should end up somewhere along the harbor.

Recommended places for gyros include Jimmy's, Gyros Corner Opontos, Souvlaki Story and Sakis. These restaurants are clustered in an area east of the windmills.


Most restaurants and cafes by the harbor provide free wifi for customers.

Been Here Before

Take a tour out to Delos to see the well preserved ruins. Tours are sold and leave right on the harbour.

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Mykonos Town



Mykonos Weather Forecast

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