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New York, New York

Times Square


New York is the largest city in the US and the turnaround port for cruises to the Caribbean and Eastern Canada/New England.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at Brooklyn or Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is located in the Red Hook area south of downtown Brooklyn. Manhattan Cruise Terminal is located at 52nd and 12th Ave on the west side of Midtown Manhattan.

Also in the area is Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal in neighboring New Jersey. Terminal info here http://www.cruiseliberty.com/

Manhattan Cruise Terminal

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Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

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Money and Tipping

When dining in restaurants, it is customary to leave 15-20% tip for good service since servers typically make minimum wage. Taxi drivers should be tipped the same rate.

Getting To/From the Airport

New York has two major airports in the area, LaGuardia and JFK. Transportation options from Laguardia here http://www.panynj.gov/airports/lga-ground-transportation.html and for JFK here http://www.panynj.gov/airports/jfk-ground-transportation.html

Local Transportation

New York has an extensive subway and bus network. The subway requires Metrocards, either prepaid or single use available at ticket machines in the stations. For buses, you will need $2.25 in coins only (no pennies) or a Metrocard. No transfers are allowed with a cash fare. A Pay-Per-Ride Metrocard allows transfers. A $10 value one is available which is good for five trips. These can be purchased from convenience stores or at stations but not on buses.

You can take the NYC ferry from Red Hook to Pier 11/Wall St. Departures every 30 to 60 min and journey time is 21 min. Continues to Governors Island on weekends. Fare is $2.75 one way (Nov 2018) https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedules/route/south-brooklyn/

To get to Manhattan from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, walk two blocks east on Pioneer St to Van Brunt Street. There is a supermarket on the corner where you can buy Metrocards. Cross the street and take the bus B61 to Borough Hall. You can transfer to the subway here. Lines 2/3/N/R will take you to Times Square or 2/3/4/5/N/R for lower Manhattan. You can take the same bus to return or you can take a second route. Take the F train to Smith/9th Street station and change for the B77 Bus. Get off the bus at Conover Street and Dikeman Street. The walk is then approximately 6 long blocks to the terminal entrance. http://www.mta.info

From Manhattan, there is a convenience store at 51st and 11th Ave where you should be able to buy Metrocards. To get to the subway, you can take the M50 bus on 50th St the five long blocks to 50 St station or you can also walk.

You can take the NYC ferry from Red Hook to Pier 11/Wall St. Departures every 30 to 60 min and journey time is 21 min. Continues to Governors Island on weekends. Fare is $2.75 one way (Nov 2018) https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedules/route/south-brooklyn/


Search hotels in Manhattan here
Search hotels in Brooklyn here

Sights (prices checked Jan 2012)

  • Times Square - The most famous square in New York. Subway Times Sq - 42nd St.
  • Central Park - This huge park spans many block in the center of Manhattan. Washington Square Park (with the arch) is sometimes mistaken for Central Park but Washington Square is in Greenwich Village.
  • Grand Central Station - An unlikely tourist attraction since it is used by commuters. Subway Grand Central - 42nd St.
  • Empire State Building - This symbol of New York has observation decks on two floors. Entry fees start at $20 for lower observation deck only. http://www.esbnyc.com/
  • Rockefeller Center - This building is home to NBC and the plaza transforms into a skating rink in the winter. There is an observation deck, Top of the Rock, here. Top of the Rock entry fee $25. http://www.topoftherocknyc.com/
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Considered America's greatest art museum with painting from the masters. Located on the eastern edge of Central Park. Hours 10:30-5:30, closed Tuesdays. Entry $25 with free entry Fri nights 4-8pm. http://www.moma.org/
  • Statue of Liberty - Not recommended unless you have a couple of days in the city since the visit here will take at least half a day. Ferry tickets available from Battery Park or Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The crown may be visited but requires advanced reservations. Fees start at $13 for ferry and access to the grounds. http://www.statuecruises.com You can also get good views of the statue from the free Staten Island ferry popular with tourists.
  • 911 Memorial - entrance is at 1 Albany St (at the intersection of Albany and Greenwich Streets, SE corner of the site). Museum scheduled to open spring 2014. Free. http://www.911memorial.org/

Shopping & Restaurants

Fifth Ave (between 49th and 60th St) is one of the most famous shopping streets but you will find shops and restaurants in every district. Shopping guide available here http://www.frommers.com/destinations/new-york-city/663769

Famous NY Restaurants

  • Carnegie Deli - The original location in Times Square closed Dec 31.
  • Katz's Deli - Traditionally NY deli with gigantic meat sandwiches. Featured in When Harry Met Sally. 205 East Houston Street
  • Grimaldi's Pizza - Coal oven pizza. Several locations including 1 Front St under the Brooklyn Bridge and 656 Avenue of the Americas.
  • Lombardi's Pizza - 32 Spring St
  • Nathan's Famous - Original Coney Island location now has restaurants throughout the city including Herald Square.
  • White Castle - regional fast food chain famous for their sliders. 525 8th Ave or 29 Willoughby St in downtown Brooklyn
  • Gray's Papaya or Papaya King - Known for their hot dogs
  • Shake Shack - Famous restaurant for burgers and shakes. Original location at Madison Square Park but lots of location around NY and they have expanded nationally and worldwide.
  • Xian Famous Foods - authentic, northern Chinese cuisine
  • John’s of Bleecker Street - brick-oven pizza near Washington Square
  • Joe's Pizza - busy takeout pizza by the slice also by Washington Square
  • Junior's Bakery - The place to go for cheesecake. Original location in Brooklyn but second location at Times Square 1515 Broadway (entrance on W45th Ave)
  • Ippudo - a Japanese ramen chain with two locations in NYC


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi for customers.


Top Attractions Map

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New York Weather Forecast


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