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Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Puntarenas sits on a long, narrow peninsula jutting from the western side of Costa Rica.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at a long pier on the southern part of the point. A free shuttle may be offered to take passengers to the end of the long pier where you will find a tourist info center.

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Money and Tipping

Costa Rica's currency is the Colon (CRC). US dollars are widely accepted. Restaurants add 10% to the bill so tipping is not required. Tourists tend to tip a bit extra. Taxi drivers may expect small tips from tourists.

Local Transportation

You can go further out by taking a bus. The capital, San Jose, is 70 miles to the east and the journey takes 2.5 hours by public bus. It would probably be best to take a tour or taxi if you want to go to San Jose.


The beach is the main attraction in Puntarenas. The beach gets better the further west you go but the water is dirty. There isn't much else to see here.

Shopping & Restaurants

Markets will be setup along the beach on Paseo de los Turistas to the west from the end of the pier. The downtown area is at the end of the pier as well with shops and restaurants.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi to customers.

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