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Rhodes, Greece

Old Town, Rhodes


Rhodes is an island in the Cyclades. Rhodes Town has a medieval old town enclosed by a wall.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock right beside the Old Town adjacent to the ferry terminal. It is a short walk to the gates of the walled city.

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Money and Tipping

Greece's currency is the Euro (EUR). In Europe, it is common to round up the bill to leave a small tip (5-10%).

Local Transportation

Rhodes Old Town is best explored on foot. If you've been here before and you want to go to other parts of the island, the main bus terminal is by New Market in New Town.


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  • Palace of the Grand Masters - Reconstructed palace originally home of the knights. €6 entry (Nov 2011).
  • Street of the Knights - Medieval street leading up to the palace where the knights had inns.
  • Beaches - the town beaches in Rhodes are at the northern tip by the aquarium.

Shopping & Restaurants

You will find restaurants and cafes within the city walls and in new town as well. There is a supermarket in the basement of a department store in New Town.


Restaurants and cafes may provide free wifi to customers.

Been Here Before

Take a tour out to the Lindos Acropolis or head to beach resorts further south.



Rhodes Weather Forecast


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