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San Juan Del Sur, Nicarauga

San Juan Del Sur from Christ Statue


San Juan Del Sur is a beach resort town popular with surfers and backpackers. Larger cities like Granada and Masaya are 60 miles away.

Where You're Docked

Large cruise ships anchor and tender to the port in town. Smaller cruise ships may be able to dock.

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Money and Tipping

Nicaragua's currency is Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO). US dollars are widely accepted including at Masaya Market. Tip around 10% in restaurants and you can also give taxi drivers a little extra for good service.

Local Transportation

You take a bus to Rivas and then onwards to Managua or Granada. Taxis are also available. It is advisable to take a tour if you don't want to stay in San Juan Del Sur.


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The main attraction in San Juan Del Sur is the beach.

Christ Statue - From town, follow the main road along the beach until you reach the suspension bridge to cross the river. Walk to the paved road and turn left at the sign indicating you need to go five blocks. You will need to jog over left one block and continue uphill til you reach the gate for the Pacific Marlin development, keep going uphill or take a shortcut up the stairs. Continue around the back of the statue where you will need to pay to enter. Entry $2 USD (Jan 2012)

Hiking - There are a couple of fun day hikes around San Juan del Sur. One option is a hike to the lighthouse on the top of San Juans southern headland. The hike to get there takes about 2 hours round trip. Walk to the south end of town to the main port gait. Go through the gate and into the port. Near the new building there is another gate where the trail starts. Follow the trail up the hill, fork right and keep going until you reach the lighthouse. A second option is a shorter hike out past the port to the southern tip of the bay along the water. Keep an eye on the tide and walk on as far as you desire.

Outside of San Juan Del Sur

  • Masaya Market - a tourist oriented market with souvenirs and handicrafts
  • Masaya Volcano - an active volcano which last erupted in 2003
  • Granada - a small town with colonial architecture

Shopping & Restaurants

You can find shops and beachfront restaurants along San Juan Del Sur's main street. There is a small market by the bus terminal and shops in the area.


Restaurants along the beach may have free wifi for customers.

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