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Santa Marta, Columbia

Santa Marta


Santa Marta was one of the first cities to be founded in Columbia. Cruise ship calls are sometimes cancelled due to drug violence in the city.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at the port beside town on the north side about 1/2 a mile from downtown.

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Money and Tipping

Columbia's currency is the Columbian Peso (COP). US dollars are widely accepted. Small tips (5-10%) may be left when dining at restaurants. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped.

Local Transportation

The city is small and walkable. For sights outside of downtown, you can take the bus.


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  • Museo de Oro - Free entry. Calle 14 by Parque Bolivar.
  • La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino - Where Simon Bolivar spent his last days and died. Entry 10,000 COP. 2 1/2 miles to the east of downtown. To get there, take the Mamatoco bus from the waterfront (Carrera 1C , 20 min journey). The quinta may be closed on Monday and/or Tuesday in the off season
  • Downtown Beach
  • El Rodadero - Three miles to the south of Santa Marta is Colombia's most popular resort town located at a beautiful bay with many hotels. Buses to El Rodadero run south along Carrera 1 (25 minutes, 1,200 COP). A taxi ride takes about 10 minutes.

Shopping & Restaurants

There are shops and restaurants downtown. There may be a market set up by the cruise pier.

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