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Santorini, Greece

Oia, Santorini
Oia, Santorini


Santorini features towns dramatically perched on top of high cliffs above an ancient volcanic caldera. For fans of archaeology, the ruins of the ancient city of Akrotiri is on the island.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships anchor in the caldera and large, local tenders are provided to the base of the town of Fira. There are only three ways up to the top: hiking up the donkey path (800 ft elevation, 600 steps, free), taking a donkey up (€8, Aug 2014), or using the cable car (€5, Aug 2014). There are reports that the donkeys are abused and mistreated so keep this in mind when deciding which option to take. The hike up is steep, just avoid the donkey poop and it is not advised if the steps are wet. The cable car line ups going down will be extremely busy, especially if multiple cruises ships are anchored. Tenders for ship tours dock at a pier further south that has road access for the tour buses. Tours typically drop passengers off in Fira afterwards and a complimentary cable car ticket is provided.

Cruise schedule available here - https://www.santoriniport.com/

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Money and Tipping

Greece's currency is the Euro (EUR). In Europe, it is common to round up the bill to leave a small tip (5-10%).

Local Transportation

You can take local buses from the main terminal in Fira. In summer, buses leave Fira every half-hour for Oia (€1.60), Monolithos (€1.60), Kamari (€1.60) and Akrotiri Beach(€1.80). Prices updated Aug 2014. There may be reduced or no service off-season. It's highly recommend to go to Oia if it's your first time in Santorini. It is very pretty with lots of blue domed chapels. You can hike there and take the bus back if you're in decent shape. http://www.ktel-santorini.gr/

You can also rent a car, scooters, ATV's or hire a taxi to explore the island.

Private ferry services may run from Fira port to Oia for approximately €20 for a return trip.


Search hotels in Santorini here


  • Oia - Highly recommended if it's your first time in Santorini. It's a very scenic town with lots of blue domed chapels. You can take the public bus or hike along the cliff from Fira and bus back. Distance is 10km and it should take between 2-3 hrs. If hiking, take a side trip to climb Skaros Rock. Head left of the peak and there is an approach from the back side. There is also a church located behind the peak.
  • Akrotiri - An archaeological site located on the southwest area of the island and reachable by bus. http://odysseus.culture.gr/h/3/eh351.jsp?obj_id=2410
  • Beaches - There are beaches on the east and south sides of the island with black or red volcanic sand. The most popular ones are Red Beach and Kamari Beach.
  • Nea Kameni - a volcanic park at the center of the island only reachable by boat on a tour.

Shopping & Restaurants

There are lots of shops and restaurants in Fira. Sample some sesame-coated peanuts. Have an inexpensive Gyro at Nick the Grill by the main square.


Cafes and restaurants may have free wifi for customers.

Post Office

There is a post office in Fira on the main street just around the corner from the bus terminal.






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