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Skagway, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska
Broadway Street, Skagway


Skagway is in the northern part of the Alaskan panhandle and close to the border with Canada.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at Broadway (BRD), Ore (ORE) or Railroad Dock (RR) at the edge of town (see map). Cruise schedule for all Alaskan ports here http://claalaska.com/

Ore (ORE) and Broadway Dock (BRD)

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Railroad Dock (RR)

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Money and Tipping

When dining in restaurants, it is customary to leave 15-20% tip for good service since servers typically make minimum wage. Taxi drivers should be tipped the same rate.

Local Transportation

Skagway is easily walkable. To save some walking, you can take the SMART bus for $3 single trip, $5 All day pass (July 2022). https://www.skagway.com/listing/skagway-municipal-and-regional-transit-smart-bus/126/


Search hotels in Skagway here


  • Lower Reid Falls/Gold Rush Cemetery - At the other end of town.
  • White Pass and Yukon Railway - http://www.wpyr.com/


  • Lower Dewey Lake - A few hikes start from here. From 2nd St, head east crossing the railroad tracks and north until you see the trailhead. It's all uphill until you reach the top of the mountain
  • Upper Dewey Lake - a strenuous uphill hike from Lower Dewey but the reward at the end is worth it - a gorgeous alpine lake above the treeline nestled in snow-capped mountains.
  • Upper Reid Falls - a fairly flat hike from Lower Dewey to the top of the falls.
  • Sturgill's Landing - from Lower Dewey, this trail heads to the shoreline.
  • Trail map http://skagway.com/play/hiking/

Shopping & Restaurants

You will find shops and restaurants on Broadway and the surrounding streets.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi for customers. You can also try the public library for both wifi and internet terminals.

Maps (right-click to save)

Map provided courtesy of PR Services Ltd http://www.yukoninfo.com/region/skagway/


Skagway Weather Forecast

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