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St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

St Thomas from Paradise Point
St Thomas from Paradise Point


St Thomas is one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean.

Where You're Docked

There are two main cruise ship piers: Havensight (West Indies Dock) on the east side and Crown Bay on the west side. In the center is the capital of Charlotte Amalie. On extremely busy days, ships may anchor and tender right into Charlotte Amalie. Port authority cruise schedules here http://www.viport.com/seaports/vessels.html or http://www.vinow.com/general_usvi/cruiseship/ship_schedule.php


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Crown Bay

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Money and Tipping

St Thomas' currency is the US dollar. Tipping in restaurants is similar to the US, between 15-20% for good service.

Local Transportation

The taxi association has a stranglehold on transport of tourists with fixed rates per person. If you don't want to pay their inflated rates, hop on the safari dollar buses used by the locals. Wait for one at a bus stop and ignore the tourist taxi drivers. Pay the driver when you exit $1 for short distances and $2 for longer distances. There are public buses but they are very infrequent. More info http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g147404-s303/St-Thomas:Caribbean:Public.Transportation.html and http://www.vinow.com/stthomas/getting_around_stt/


Search hotels in St Thomas here


  • Charlotte Amalie - the capital of St Thomas is a quaint town. You can hike up to Blackbeard's Castle.
  • Magens Bay - This is St Thomas's most famous beach. There is a small entry fee.
  • Paradise Point - take the tram from Havensight for a great view of St Thomas
  • Emerald Beach - a smaller beach 1/2 mile to the west of Crown Bay beside the airport

Been Here Before

Take a ferry to Water Island from Crown Bay or from Charlotte Amalie to Cruz Bay on the neighboring island of St John. http://www.vinow.com/general_usvi/interisland_ferry

Shopping & Restaurants

Both terminals have adjacent shopping centers which open when cruise ships are in. Havensight has a much larger shopping area and there is a supermarket and Kmart down the road. For dining options in Havensight, there is a Hooters across the road and a Senor Frogs at the end of the pier. Downtown east of Emancipation Gardens is Vendors Market with outdoor stalls selling t-shirts and souvenirs. In Crown Bay, there is a small gourmet supermarket in the adjacent marina and a larger one towards the main road into town. A little to the north is a shopping plaza with some restaurants and a KFC.

Post Offices

Post offices can be found on Veterans Drive west of Charlotte Amalie, northwest corner of Emancipation Gardens (5046 Norre Gade) and in Havensight (building 7 next to Port of Call Mall). On weekends, offices are typically open Sat mornings only and closed Sundays.


Internet cafes can be found close to both cruise terminals, serving mainly the ship's crew. Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi to customers.



St Thomas Weather Forecast


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