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Tianjin International Cruise Terminal, China

Tianjin International Cruise Terminal
Tianjin International Cruise Terminal


Tianjin International Cruise Terminal is the port of call for Beijing.

Where You're Docked

The terminal is approximately 180km from Beijing and 70km from the city of Tianjin but it is in the Tianjin Region. The closest town is Tanggu around 30km away. It is a large and modern terminal on reclaimed land and the area around it is still under construction. There are no amenities near the terminal. See the Beijing page.

To add to the confusion, there is a second cruise terminal, Xinggang, used previously but now serves domestic cruise ships. Make sure you go to the right terminal.

Dongjiang Bay Beach is nearby (1.5 miles to the north) on the southeast tip of the peninsula with luxury hotels under construction. Info here - http://www.tour-beijing.com/blog/tianjin-travel/dongjiang-bay-beach

Directions to Tianjin Cruise Terminal from Princess with directions in Chinese. http://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/embarkation_port_guides/Beijing_Tianjin_Info.pdf

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Local Transportation

Update 2019 - Yujiapu Railway Station has been renamed to Binhai Railway Station

Update Feb 2016 - Bullet trains now run regularly between Beijing South Railway Station and Yujiapu Railway Station. Future Tianjin Metro lines B2, B3 and Z1 will eventually connect to this station. Travel time is around 60 minutes. Very few of these trains stop at the previous terminus at Tanggu Station.

This railway station and more frequent trains is an attempt to revitalize the nearby, Manhattan-themed ghost city. Article here

Binhai Railway Station (renamed from Yujiapu)

You can take bus 513 (2 Yuan, 2015) from the cruise terminal to the last stop at Citizen's Plaza (Shimin Guangchang) light rail/metro station and then a taxi to Yujiapu Railway Station to avoid the taxis at the port. Buses leave every 30 minutes. From Citizen's Plaza, you could also ride the light rail to the main Tianjin railway station (46km /86min) but this would take longer.

Otherwise, you need to arrange either a tour company or taxi to take you into town. Taxi drivers turn off their meters and want a whopping 300 Yuan to take you to the railway station (it should only cost 80 Yuan on the meter). You'll need to negotiate to get a better rate but taxis are generally very inexpensive in China.

When taking taxis, have your destination written in Chinese since most taxi drivers don't speak English. Taxi drivers from Tianjin City may have problems finding the terminal since it is so far away outside the city.

Tour company offering transport to terminal http://www.tour-beijing.com/xingang_beijing/

Money and Tipping

China's currency is the Yuan (CNY) but it may also be referred as Renminbi (RMB). Money exchange in China is regulated by the government and you can change money at any bank with a passport. ATM's are readily available as well. Tipping is not a common practise in China. The smaller one coin is worth Y0.1 (not to be confused with the larger 1 Yuan coin or 1 Yuan note) and the 5 coin worth Y0.50. One Yuan coins are less popular in Beijing (vs Shanghai). You will notice that shopkeepers check the 100 Yuan notes carefully checking for counterfeit bills. Here is a guide for spotting counterfeit money. http://www.xian-travel.com/china-travel-guides/chinesemoney/


Search hotels in Tianjin here


  • The architecturally stunning Tianjin Binhai Library is located near Citizen Square metro stop in Binhai.
  • Haihe Bund Park is a newly developed waterfront area. Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World is nearby.


There is free high speed wifi access at the cruise terminal. Google, gmail and facebook are all blocked in China. It is recommended to use a VPN to get around it.



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