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Stockholm, Sweden

Nybroplan, Stockholm
Nybroplan, Stockholm


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is situated on fourteen islands. If docked at piers in the city, you will sail through the scenic archipelago.

Where You're Docked

There are several main piers in central Stockholm. Smaller ships may dock right at old town at Skeppsbron. Larger ships could be docked at either Stadsgården, Frihamnen, or Värtahamnen.

Statsgården is the most convenient for larger ships and you'll be able to see the old town from your ship. The distance to old town is 1.6 miles (30 min walk, follow the blue line out of the port area) but it is very convenient to take the hop-on, hop-off boats or ferries that have a stop at the end of the pier. See Local Transportation section.

If docked at Frihamnen or Värtahamnen and a shuttle is not provided, you can take bus 76 (heading south) to Gamla Stan. For the Vasa Museum, get off at Strandvagen and walk approx 500m (6 min). Bus 1 will get you to the city center as well. Bus tickets can be purchased at the tourist info kiosk by the pier (credit cards accepted), at a ticket machine by the stop (chip and pin credit card or local currency), contactless tap credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or app (Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay), or by smartphone app "SL-Reseplanerare och biljetter" (SL Journeyplanner and tickets). A one zone ticket costs 39 SEK (July 2022) and is valid for 75 minutes while a 24hr pass is 165 SEK. You can get a discounted rate by registering your credit card before tapping. https://sl.se/en/in-english/fares--tickets/visitor-tickets/single-journey-tickets Värtahamnen is also walking distance to Gardet metro station. Bus stops are marked on Google maps. For a route map, go to http://sl.se and click Reseinfo (Route Planner) on the top menu, scroll down to Kartor över SL-trafiken (Maps) and select Stockholms innerstad (Inner City).

BÖJ1 Förtöjning På Strömmen is a mooring buoy between Gamla Stan and Statsgården. You will likely be tendered to a pier just south of Skeppsbron.

Some ships may tender or dock at Nynashamn which is 36 miles south of Stockholm. Trains run twice hourly to Stockholm and the journey takes just over an hour. Nynashamn info here https://goo.gl/fpgTzP

Nynahamn update - In 2016, a SeaWalk floating pier was installed similar to the one used in Geiranger. Details here.

Cruise schedule here http://www.portsofstockholm.com/vessel-calls/

Cruise Ship Docked at Stadsgården

Stadsgården (S165,S167,S160 bit further west)

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Frihamnen (F634,F638)

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Värtahamnen (V523)

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Skeppsbron (S103,S106,S107,BÖJ1)

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Money and Tipping

Sweden's currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK). Sweden is moving towards a cashless country. Most self-serve kiosks will require credit cards with chip and pin (not chip and signature). Article here https://goo.gl/GXQB4V

A small tip is appreciated but not expected when dining in restaurants or taking a taxi.

Local Transportation

The best way to get around is to use the ferry or hop-on hop-off boat service when docked at Stadsgarden 165/167. Turn left when disembarking your ship to find the dock. Several different companies run this service so make sure you get on the right boat. The route either does a loop (Stadsgarden->Djurgarden->Skeppsholmen->Vasa->Nybroplan->Royal Palace->Old Town->Stadsgarden) or a back and forth to Nybroplan (done with the taller boats that can't fit under the bridge). This is the best way to get to both the Vasa museum and city center. They take US dollars, Euros or local currency. Price is 232 SEK (July 2022) for 24 hrs. Single trip tickets may be available. Boats may run earlier than officially scheduled when cruise ships arrive though most attractions may not be open that early. https://goo.gl/I73CcT or http://www.redsightseeing.com/

There is a metro network but most of the tourist sights are in the center of town so it is not necessary to ride the metro unless you are docked at Vartahamnen.

If a shuttle is offered, it may drop you off by the Opera House across the bridge from the Royal Palace.

Stockholm transit website http://sl.se/en/


Search hotels in Stockholm here

Must See Sights

Prices updated July 2022

  • Gamla Stan - Stockholm's touristy old town with a main square, Stortorget. The Nobel museum and Storkyrkan church are located here.
  • Vasa Museum - This museum is the resting place of the 17th century warship Vasa remarkably preserved since it sank on its maiden voyage. Entry 190 SEK and opens at 8:30am in the summer (June 1 to Aug 31). If not using the hop-on, hop-off boat, you will need to take a tram or bus here. It is a long walk otherwise. Info here http://www.vasamuseet.se/
  • Royal Palace - There is a large changing of the guard ceremony daily in the summer at 12:15pm (Sundays and holidays an hour later). Visiting the Royal apartments costs 180 SEK and they are open daily at 10am. https://www.kungligaslotten.se/english.html
  • Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset) - This building is where the Nobel banquet is held. City Hall has some impressive halls. It is a little bit of a walk and out of the way from Gamla Stan. Entry with mandatory public tour is 130 SEK (high season) http://international.stockholm.se/
  • Consider purchasing a Stockholm Pass if you want to visit a lot of sites. https://www.stockholmpass.com/
  • For Abba fans, the Abba Museum is located by Grona Lund amusement park and the Skansen open-air museum. This area is a stop on the HOHO boats.

Beware of your belongings in Stockholm. The summer brings an influx of tourists as well as professional beggars and pickpockets.

Shopping & Restaurants

Gamla Stan has tourist shops. Walk across the bridge from the palace to Drottninggatan which is a pedestrianized shopping street. Head east at Sergels Torg to see Stockholm's main square. You will pass Gallerian mall on your right. Continue east to see Kungstrdgrden (King's Garden), Stockholm's central park. There is a Max Hamburger here which is Sweden's version of McDonald's.

For swedish meatballs, head to Meatballs for the People or Riche restaurant. Try kanelbullar, a swedish cinammon bun found in most cafes and bakeries.


Cafés and restaurants including McDonalds may provide free wifi for customers.

Post Offices

There aren't any post offices in the tourist areas. You can buy stamps at 7-11 and you should be able to find mailboxes around the city. Use the yellow boxes for international mail. Pressbyran convenience stores located at subway stations have postal services.

Maps (right-click to save)

Stockholm Area

Stockholm Downtown

Hop On Hop Off Boat Route


Stockholm Weather Forecast

Climate and weather link https://goo.gl/tIrF6v

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