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Best Brewery Tours

Sep 25, 2012

Brewery tours show you how beer is made and often provide free samples. Here is the best of the bunch.

5. Alaskan Amber Brewery, Juneau, Alaska
This micro brewery is small with a sitting area to learn about the brewery's history. The sampling area is in the crowded gift shop but no tokens or tickets are required.

4. Speight's Brewery, Dunedin, New Zealand
The first thing you notice when you visit is a tap outside where locals can bottle the same spring water used by the brewery. A small museum inside provides some interesting history about beer. Did you know that skol, a Scanadanavian toast, originated from Vikings drinking out of the skull of the leader of their vanquished enemies? Also, X's were used to mark the quality of beer (Dos Equis - Two X's brand in Mexico). The best part of the tour is the sampling room where you can pour your own beer. Again, no tokens or tickets, just help yourself.

3. Tsingtao Brewery, Qingdao, China
Who would've thought China would have a beer capital? Originated by Germans, Tsingtao is now one of the largest breweries in Asia. This is a tour of the working factory and you have a chance to sample fresh, unpasteurized beer. Overhead walkways above the bottling line let you observe the process. After the tour, head out to restaurants in the area known as Beer Street to buy some fresh takeaway beer served in a plastic bag.

2. Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland
No visit to Dublin is complete without visiting the Guinness Storehouse. A converted brewhouse with lots of exhibits but the best part of the attraction is the Gravity Bar on the top floor where you can have a fresh pint of Guiness with a view of the city.

1. Heineken Experience, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lots of interactive exhibits make this brewery tour one of the best. Experience what it is like to be a bottle moving through the bottling line or simulate riding a beer cart pulled by Clydesdales. You get tokens for three small glasses along the tour.


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