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Gdynia, Poland

Medieval Crane, Gdansk
Medieval Crane, Gdansk


Gdynia, along with Sopot and Gdansk form the Tri-Cities area on the northern coast of Poland.

Where You're Docked

Large cruise ships dock at Francuska Pier Dworzec Morski (cruise terminal), within walking distance to the city center of Gdynia. There are limited facilities here. Some cruise lines provide shuttles to Gdynia's city center beside the main city pier. Cruise schedule available here http://www.port.gdynia.pl/en/events/cruise-ships

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Money and Tipping

Though part of the EU, Poland's currency, the Zloty (PLN). Poland has plans to join the Eurozone but the Euro crisis has caused delays. You will find money exchanges on 10 Lutego St downtown (signs say Kantor). A small tip (5-10%) is appreciated when dining in restaurants.

Local Transportation

Though the bus is cheap and convenient with a stop at the cruise terminal, it is difficult for arriving visitors to take the bus since there is nowhere to change currency at the pier. If a shuttle is not provided, your options are to walk into town (2 kms, 25 mins) or negotiate with a taxi driver at the gate.

To get to Gdansk or Sopot, you will need to take the SKM commuter train which connects the Tri-Cities. Don't confuse it with the PKP trains used for farther destinations. The nearest SKM stations are at Gdynia Stocznia or Gdynia Glowna. If walking, it's probably better to go to Glowna since it is the main station with ATMs available. Buy tickets at the SKM counter. Get off at Gdansk Glowny (walk south to reach the Golden Gate) for Gdansk or Sopot if that is your destination. Fare is 6.50 zl (3.80 zl to Sopot, June 2019) and travel time is around 45 minutes.

If you have zlotys, you can take a bus back to save a bit of a walk. Take bus 119, 133 or 147 or any bus with destination Dworzec Morski on Wladyslawa St heading north beside Centrum Batory mall on 10 Lutego. You will get 5 tickets for 8 zl. Validate 2 of them for an adult rider.


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Sopot is a beach resort with a long pier you can stroll along. Fans of architecture should check out the Crooked House.

Gdynia also has a beach with a nearby navy museum and an aquarium.


  • Long Market and Neptune Fountain - The main tourist street starts at the Green Gate and ends on the Golden Gate.
  • St Mary's Church - One of the largest churches in Europe built with bricks. You can climb to the top.
  • Crane over the Motlawa River - This medieval crane doubles as a gate.

Shopping & Restaurants

Amber shops are abundant in Gdansk but the problem is that plastic fakes are virtually indistinguishable from million year old amber. Do some research if you plan to buy amber. Euros are widely accepted in Gdansk.

In Gdynia, Batory mall on 10 Lutego has a supermarket on the top floor. There is a central market (Miejska Hala Targowa) close to Gdynia Glowna railway station. Centrum Riviera is a large mall further south by Gdynia Wzgórze Św.Maksym station. There are also many restaurants by the beach. Restuaracja Polski Smak (Polish Taste) at Ulica 10 Lutego 6 serves affordable polish dishes on the main street and is tourist friendly.

Being a beach resort, Sopot has a large number of restaurants both near the beach and along the main pedestrian street, Bohaterow Monte Cassino which you should be your route coming from the train station and heading to the beach.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi for customers.




Sopot Map

Gdansk map

PDF download from here - http://www.gdansk.pl/en/for-tourists

3D maps available here http://www.mapkazdaszkiem.com/hotels%20and%20restaurants%20in%20Tri-city.html


Gdynia Weather Forecast

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