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Seward, Alaska



Seward is an turnaround port for many Alaskan cruises. It is located is 130 miles south of Anchorage. See the Whittier page for information on Anchorage.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock beside town at the cruise terminal. Shuttles may be provided into town or you can walk.

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Money and Tipping

When dining in restaurants, it is customary to leave 15-20% tip for good service since servers typically make minimum wage. Taxi drivers should be tipped the same rate.

Local Transportation

Private shuttle services are available from Anchorage to Seward. The Park Connection offers daily service. http://alaskacoach.com/

Transportation options from the Anchorage airport here http://dot.alaska.gov/anc/travelerInfo/transportation.shtml


Search hotels in Anchorage here


Seward has a few attractions

  • Alaska Sea Life Center - A research and rehabilitation facility
  • Exit Glacier - you can get fairly close to this glacier. Tour operators run shuttles to the National Park.

Shopping & Restaurants

Restaurants and shops can be found on 4th St, the town's main street.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi to customers.

Maps (right-click to save)

Seward Walking Tour Map - http://www.seward.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Walking-Tour.pdf


Seward Weather Forecast


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