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Vladivostok, Russia

Central Square


Vladivostok is Russia's main east coast seaport and home to Russia's Pacific naval fleet.


Unlike St Petersburg, most cruise ship visitors do not require a visa to visit Vladivostok nor do you need to be on a tour from a government authorized company. It always best to confirm with your cruise line for the latest visa requirements.

Where You're Docked

Cruise ships dock at Morskoy Vokzal (Sea Terminal) beside town. The terminal is adjacent to the railway station and main post office.

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Money and Tipping

Russia's currency is the Russian Rouble (RUB) though tourist shops and markets may take Euros. A small tip (around 10%) is appreciated when dining in restaurants. You will find currency exchange places along Aleutskaya St as you walk from the terminal into town.

Local Transportation

Vladivostok's central area is fairly small and easily walkable from the cruise terminal.


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Please see the map for Vladivostok's main tourist sights.

  • Central Square - Has monuments including the Memorial to the Fighters for the Soviet Power.
  • Submarine Monument - This submarine is parked on land.
  • Sportivnaya Harbor - There is a small beach and amusement park here.
  • Eagles Nest Viewpoint - You can take a cable car up from Pushkinsky Theatre on Pushkinskaya St or follow the steps beside it up.

Shopping & Restaurants

There is a short pedestrian only walking street leading down to Sportivnaya Harbor. GUM department store is tourist friendly. There may be a small market setup outside the terminal selling souvenirs. Across the street on the bottom floor of the pyramid building is a supermarket and a cafeteria style restaurant beneath the pyramid. There is another cafeteria style restaurant near the bottom of walking street. There may be a small farmers market setup in the parking lot of the supermarket.

The main post office across from the cruise terminal has a small shop inside selling souvenirs, postcards and stamps (rubles only). There are some small shops inside the ferry terminal beside the cruise terminal.


Cafes and restaurants may provide free wifi to customers. There may be internet access in the main post office.



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